07 Dec 2011

Use this theme on github

How to create your own blog on github using this Jekyll theme.

If you have a github account, you can easily use this minimalist theme to create your own blog by following these few steps.

Fork the project

  1. Fork the project on github, available here
  2. Rename the rep to your_github_username.github.com
  3. After a few minutes, it should be available at http://your_github_username.github.com

Configure the theme

To get everything working properly, a few things need to be configured.

  1. Clone your rep
  2. Edit _config.yml
  3. Change at least your Google Analytics ID and Disqus short name
  4. Commit and push to github


Customize the home and about page

The contents of these pages are plain HTML fragments:

  1. _includes/home.html
  2. _includes/about_me.html

Add some posts

  1. Delete existing posts under _posts/
  2. Add new posts using the naming convention _posts/YYYY-MM-DD-post-slug.md (if using markdown formatting)
  3. Push to github!


Running the site locally

Hack and have fun

Feel free to modify the theme and notify me if you make something nice with it.

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